tea lightsBritish Stammering Association/STAMMA (
The British Stammering Association is the UK’s national charity for adults and children who stammer. Founded in 1978, it provides accurate and unbiased information and support on all aspects of stammering. Their website is very informative and provides many useful links.

City Lit (
City Lit is a well-established centre of national and international excellence for group therapy for adults who stammer in the UK. The speech and language therapy team based there runs a range of day-time intensive courses, weekly evening courses and short workshops, as well as follow-up programmes to provide ongoing support. The team also offers professional training courses for qualified speech and language therapists.

Did I Stutter? (
Co-founded by Zach Richter and Joshua St. Pierre, this project was created to provide an alternative way of thinking about speech and communication disabilities. The authors write thoughtfully and passionately about stammering, difference and disability, challenging assumptions and stereotyping as well as the normalcy often assumed in speech and language therapy, and emphasising the importance of creating communities that positively affirm dysfluent speech.

50 Million Voices (
Launched in 2019, 50 Million Voices is an ambitious global initiative providing leadership to transform the world of work for people who stammer. Stammering leaders from 15 countries have come together to share ideas and best practice at work, as well as regularly organising international collaborative experiential learning opportunities, such as Interview and Presentation Practice events.

King’s Speakers (
A toastmasters group created specifically for people who stammer. The King’s Speakers meet in Notting Hill, London and seek to support people who stammer to improve their public speaking abilities in all areas of their life.

Making Waves: A Stammering Pride Flag (
An international collaborative project to create a flag that embodies the values, ideals and hopes of stammering pride and celebrates stammering culture.

National Stuttering Association (NSA) (
This is the American organisation of people who stammer, providing support, friendship and information to the stammering community as well as education, advocacy and research. Their books, leaflets and online resources are informative and wide-ranging.

Proud Stutter (
The ProudStutter Podcast Project was created to shift the narrative around stammering one conversation at a time. Every month the founder, Maya Chupkov, hosts a community gathering on Zoom.

Stammeringlaw (
An informative website exploring how the Equality Act 2010, previously the Disability Discrimination Act, applies to people who stammer in Great Britain.

Stamily (
Stamily is a worldwide network of people who stammer fostering community. They organise online and in person meet ups and support a range of projects affirming stammering and raising awareness.

StutterTalk (
StutterTalk is an American non-profit organisation dedicated to talking about stammering. StutterTalk is the first and longest running podcast on stammering. Well worth listening to!

Supporting Students who Stammer in Higher Education (
An informative open access guide to assist higher education (HE) professionals to ensure that students who stammer have the support they need to be able to access, remain and succeed within and progress from HE.

The Disability Archive UK (
Run by the Centre for Disability Studies at the University of Leeds, it is a free-to-download resource that gives access to a wealth of articles about disability. It includes the original documents from the development of the social model of disability, a theory, which has huge relevance to people who stammer and stammering therapy.

The International Stuttering Association (ISA) (
Founded in 1995 the ISA is a not-for-profit international umbrella association made up primarily of national self-help associations for people who stammer. It seeks to provide a means by which the voices of people who stammer can be heard at an international level.

The Stammering Collective (
An international, interdisciplinary collaboration committed to challenging the concept of ‘normal’ speech and the pathologisation of vocal difference this engenders.