sunflowerRegular and on-going opportunities to reflect on all aspects of our practice in depth enable therapists to develop the skills, qualities and personal resourcefulness to work effectively, safely and ethically.

I am deeply committed to my own supervision. It is the bedrock of both my therapy and supervision practice and, as such, allows you to feel confident in our work together.

I have experienced supervision in a variety of different forms over the course of my career and undergone post-qualification person centred supervision training, which in turn has informed and deepened my own knowledge, skills and supervision practice.

I have many years experience of supervising health and care professionals, educators and counsellors working with children, young people and adults in a range of contexts, including the public, independent, education and voluntary sectors. I enjoy working across specialisms and professions and believe this can encourage looking beyond what is assumed and therefore often unquestioned. I enjoy the intimacy of working 1:1 as well as the collaborative learning fostered in paired and group supervision.

In addition to my supervision practice, I play an active role in teaching about supervision at post-qualification levels, promoting pro-supervision cultures and developing robust, quality supervision practices across the public and independent sectors.