The Redefining Stammering blog, co-ordinated with the support of Patrick Campbell, aims to open up dialogue within the stammering community in order to extend the way stammering and stammering therapy is talked about and understood.

Through the blog we are keen to create a platform for debate and the sharing of knowledge with people we know and people we have not reached before. We hope it will appeal to people who stammer, their families and friends, speech and language therapists, researchers and anyone else interested in disability theory.

We want to embrace innovation and thinking against the grain in order to explore ideas about stammering and therapy that will have been given relatively little academic space to date. This offers the opportunity for a different kind of conversation – one that can truly represent diverse voices and experiences; and one that has the potential to extend boundaries and challenge assumed norms.

If you would like to write a guest blog post and take part in this exciting conversation, do please get in touch.

Patrick and Sam